Weathering the Storm
Contending with Demonic Oppression
By Paul Moehring

Intro to Book

- Introduction -

Good day, my name is Paul Moehring; I'm 68, bald and just a mite potbellied on a thin frame. There's nothing much to see here. The fashion conscious folks routinely ignore me, and that's fine by me. Levi's jeans and direct from the dryer short-sleeved shirts are my favored style. What's setting me apart from the crowd isn't the season's fashions nor the lack of them, and it's not terribly noticeable either. It's not on the outside but deep within - it's I'm a survivor; I'm still here! My Pastor once said, "Paul, of all the people I've known who've experienced the troubles you have. You're the only one who's not dead or disabled;" I just keep chugging along. When I consider that I honestly can't complain. But, - altogether, I'm a pretty happy camper. It's not that I've accomplished a lot, not as the world see's things; it's more a matter of perspective. I'm quite content now, more trusting in God and sense a deep inner-peace. And what I've accomplished in life matters a lot, especially to me! I've spent years as a volunteer in emerging nations working with surgeons and medical staff, helping people without options. I've built a mobile "lower limb" prosthetics lab in a shipping container, the first of its kind. I've helped modernize a businesses' IT structures. Some others might say, "What a complete flop! Look at him now; he's flat broke," so what? In some places, people know and appreciate me and my efforts, and in some other spots, well, not so much. These other folks, they'll need to read this to understand the severity of the headwinds I've faced, headwinds I've been buffeted by all my days.

            Concerning those headwinds, I know many people suffer similar things, but unfortunately. They bashfully decline help while ignoring their symptoms, failing to deal with the demonic powers opposing them! Maybe the problem lies within the church itself, where the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ are carefully and wonderfully presented. Most often without vital biblical warnings, and overlooking valid reasons why today's parishioners need heed those warnings! Have you noticed that the parables of Jesus, were frequently addressed directly to the Apostles and Disciples, those parables, they surely must apply to us? Let's use for an example: the story of the virgins who were unprepared for the bride-groom's nighttime arrival, and had no oil for their lamps. Without oil, without light, they couldn't participate in the wedding feast and were cast out.

            Not because they were bad girls or grievous sinners, but solely, because they were unprepared. How about the parable of the wicked servant who buried the talent he'd been entrusted with, and who was afraid of failing his master. I think he made his mistake because he didn't know his master! He foolishly hid from his responsibilities out of fear, and subsequently, failed. He forfeited his chance to enter into the joy of His master and was cast out! And what about sanctification? Huh, what's that you say, sanctification? Sanctification, principally, is the purposed rejection of evil and the pursuit of the Godly. Maybe, we Christian folk we're just too busy with everyday life. Perhaps, the demons are just too subtle? What I am praying for in the writing of this book, is this. That you'll read this and see it as a guide, of sorts, an illustrated path you can identify with and follow up on. Resulting in the power and prosecution of true God, the Holy Spirit, coming against our spiritual enemies. So please use this book as an aid in your personal sanctification, in purging and growing in spiritual freedom from demons and sin. Even more importantly, I want to give all the glory to the Lord for this! For it was only by His marvelous self-sacrifice at Golgotha, from which, I obtained the power and the ability to overcome all my "personal demons," and the enemy didn't like that! Not at all; yes, thank you Lord!

            Over the years I've found it odd that many obituaries are penned, discussing the merits of notable people after they've left this life in defeat. This loss is recognized as the departed person's failure to overcome their "personal-demons." Sadly, the unsaved have such a poor chance; victory is highly unlikely for them. Demons are real, and unsaved people, those without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, have no authority to oppose them! Devils and demons, they're not just a literary expression, and I don't know how to say this often enough, they're quite real! Deliverance from those demons and healing from their "demonic oppression" is available today to the Body of Christ. But, regrettably, many of us ignore our need for deliverance; despite evidence of unidentified influences in our lives, influences from spiritual forces that are foreign to us and definitely not of the Holy Spirit. Even long-term Christians are at times left baffled, asking questions of themselves. Like, why couldn't I come up with a thoughtful response, back there? Or, where did that strange, accusing thought come from? That sort of rubbish. Well, read on, and you'll soon see what's likely to be happening. But don't worry, I couldn't see it coming either, not until I was under horrific demonic attack for years; three miserable years. I didn't have the information I needed back then, the information that's printed here! But, I was exceedingly fortunate in having some of God's Spirit-led knowledgeable people helping me: Thanks, Lord.                   

            In the area of deliverance, Jesus said, "He came to set the captives free." He wasn't speaking of those in the local lockup but to all of us born under the reign of Lucifer in this fallen world. Jesus blazed a true path, out from under the satanic, and He overpowered the demonic with his personal authority, which he now delegates to us! Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, and He accomplished that. Completely, utterly, at the precise moment he stepped out of the grave. He destroyed the death-dealing power which Lucifer had held over our heads. In the "Pastor Jenkins's Deliverance Script" (Set at Liberty) you'll find later in this book, I present a deliverance method which is not a cure-all. But is a well-organized and thorough effort at a complete demonic deliverance, one which can be used by a deliverer or in self-deliverance with sound effect. Initially, you may come close to your full freedom; you may even achieve that! If not, then use this script again, starting with a fresh symptom sheet and continue on. Work with the text until the person's complete freedom is obtained, as I did for myself. It's all - very - individual! When it's done well, it's just as the Holy Spirit directs and provides for.

            Again, it's not a panacea. But it's the single most powerful thing I've found. As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us, and all that Jesus accomplished in His earthly ministry working for us. That is, when we use His spiritual authority with under-standing, belief, and consistency. When we fully utilize and apply these biblical truths, then, we reach our greatest authority. I'm thinking; this may be what Jesus meant. "When He said that we would go on to do greater things than He (John 14 - 12.)." As any spirit filled Christian, can act with the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ in deliverance ministry. But all that ability is useless, entirely useless and futile, unless it's used. You have to recognize the need for using that power. Firstly using it to your benefit. Then onto others, to fully understand this struggle for the mind and soul. It took most of my life for the circumstances and need to fall into place for this battle to commence.

            It had to have been the Lord's timing, His patiently waiting, aiding, directing and preparing me for this fight. It certainly wasn't my choice, and I didn't know it was coming. Back then, years ago when the battle commenced, I wouldn't have found the guidance existing in this book, not yet, it hadn't been penned yet. Nevertheless, this information would have helped a lot it would have been great! As it was, I was nearly blindsided. But, I endured and won full freedom; not everyone does! So, please let me guide you through my struggles, and, God willing, you too will learn to step out in authority, in biblical truth.

            Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ that I'm alive and in good enough health to make this small contribution to your Kingdom. And am, (as far as I can realistically tell) remarkably, entirely, demon free. Thank you that I'm working right where you want me to be, doing what you want me doing. Thanks, Lord, really. As without you, I'd be condemned and in a mental institution or under a bridge somewhere. Bless you Lord, with all my soul and all that is within me. Amen.

End of Introduction




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