Weathering the Storm
Contending with Demonic Oppression
By Paul Moehring


Good day, A Spiritual Warfare Ensemble: is not just an autobiography, its where I have found myself after a lifetime, partly in service to the flesh and the prince of this world, and partly in service to our Lord. Its often struck me in the writing of it that so much of my life has been an object lesson. But until this book, one without an audience... Strange.

My pastor has suggested I write a "Study Guide" and I am mulling that over. It seems that where the book ends up is a logical place for that. It's certainly not the end of my story, there's some time for that to run yet. And not the complete story of my "Contending with," but all the necessary elements were there for complete victory over any indwelling spirits for me. I believe I illustrated that well. There were some elements to be discovered still, and that could be a main section in a follow-up study guide. But there is so much meat here that many will be helped by this book as it currently is, it just needs to be applied.

So presently, it's so-called retirement in Fayetteville, AR. which really means just surviving that day, the scars are numerous and the deficits to health and finances obvious, and the enemy's about, they always will be while this worlds still fallen. So altogether I cannot offer any diplomas in learning other people's lessons just mine, lesson's from my particular school of hard knocks, but valuable lessons in all. So if I may assist please allow that. The Lord wanted this book written, and I think and pray He just may be satisfied with it, in fact, I believe He is!


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